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We are grateful for our blessings. Therefore, we aim to reach out and make a difference in other people’s lives.​


We will make no excuses, so we will find a way or make a way to succeed.


In a world filled with endless possibilities, we believe that we too shall rise just like the great ones before us.

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Advocating for literacy

This writing project started when Samuel Browne took part in a poetry writing competition held in Nigeria West Africa. He did not win but received an award as an honorable mention and one of the judges was a Harvard Professor. His poem was later published in the Nigerian Chronicle and published again in the Rainbow Competition Storybook, fueling an excitement among the children who began writing over that summer vacation.

Nurture young talent, reward their success, help guide them towards their role in leading change in popular culture, anticipate their changing environment, foster their creativity, encourage them to take risks, and point them in the direction to innovate and direct their own destiny.

Committed To Helping Next Generation of Warriors

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